My computer make and brand is:

My operating system and version number is:

I have this much RAM:

My web browser brand and version is:

My browser's security setting is set to:

I have enabled cookies (Y/N):

(For the above, if "No" to the above then add "swordforum.com" and "forums.swordforum.com" to your Exceptions list).

I have added SFI to my cookies' Exception list (Y/N/Don't know how):

I have downloaded the most recent version of my browser / I am on Automatic Software Updates (Y/N/Don't know how):

(For the above, if "Automatic Software Updates" is enabled, your system will generally show you status windows of things being updated. If you're are using a licensed copy of Windows XP this should be automatic. However at t his time we do not consider Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 fully ready yet and do not recommend you upgrading from version 6.x to 7.)

I am open to downloading the Firefox free web browser from http://www.mozilla.org/ (runs on Mac, Linux and PC) (Yes/No).


General description:

What web address i saw this at:

What I was doing when this issue then occurred: