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Thread: Abyssinian / Ethiopian Shotel? HELP

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    Abyssinian / Ethiopian Shotel? HELP

    Just picked up another strange sword. From what I can find, it appears to be an Abyssinian / Ethiopian Shotel? It looks very crude to me, anybody have an idea on dating this thing?
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    It's nice to see one with it's sheath still intact

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    up close, it looks like it is made from stiff rawhide like my dogs chew toy. The buckle is very uneven and looks to be hand forged.

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    Yes, shotel.

    The guard and pommel might have been pointier once upon a time, but these points tend to break off, especially on the one-piece grips, and wooden grips. The long pointy bits survive better on the three-piece horn hilts.

    Not a shotel expert, but I usually see ones that look like this dated to late 19th century, and the condition of this one would support late 19th or early 20th.
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    Hi Rich

    An interesting sword.
    My personal feeling is that it is around 1920-30.

    There is something truly intriging about sickle shaped swords.
    I've always admired the Khopesh of the ancient world and the relatively modern swords that follow in it's footsteps.

    Of the truly similar shapes the Shotel is perhaps the only one that is frequently encountered in collecting circles.


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