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Thread: Books we all have

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Critchley View Post
    Over 80% of my library of sword books went to auction this month.
    Then shouldn't you be posting in a thread called Books we used to have?
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    I didn't like to assume the SFI server had that level of redundant data space John

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    The digital age is upon us

    It may be worth a mention here that a good selection of the older books have been digitised and can be found with a dig around in cyberspace. They're rather dated but were the only ones we had available when I was a lad.
    They include titles by, FFOULKS, ASHDOWN, DEAN, CALVERT, DEMMIN, GARDENER, HEWITT, GROSE, BOUTELL, SARGEAUNT, and last but not least, the magnificent five volumes by LAKING.

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    Forgot to mention, they're free, but I've seen some of them avilable to buy on disk from people who have collected them together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel H View Post
    Forgot to mention, they're free, but I've seen some of them avilable to buy on disk from people who have collected them together.
    Hi Mel

    Post some links to what you have found. I have often added online texts as links in discussions. I use Google and a lot.


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    Hi there Glen, It's quite a while since I downloaded the ones I have, and I can't remenber exactly where I found them but Google is all I ever use.
    I've just done a search using 'weapons laking ebook' and quickly found a link. -
    A dig around in this site shows up some othere similar titles. If anyone needs more information on the actual book titles rather than the authors names Just ask me. I think the digitising work on most of them has been done by American universities or institutions

    The modern Dorling Kindersly book WEAPON is also available if you look for it.

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    Mel, thanks for the link. It is very interesting book. Will look for other books.

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    Following the advice from Glen, I've tried searching in ' ' and found some of the titles available there.
    Just another note, for me the best downloads are in PDF format which can be read by the widely available, Adobe reader

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    Maybe it would be useful to set up new thread with links to all these free books available in internet.

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    Getting back to the original theme of this thread, a huge amount of the available books seem to have been listed and I don't have anything in my library to add, having said that, I can't think that I've seen any mention of the excellent journals published by The Arms & Armour Society. I have around fifty or so dating from the 1950s to the '70s.

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    In reply to a couple of messages about my earlier post on this thread I've added here a list of the digitised books that I've found up to now.
    They're all in 'pdf' format to be read with 'Acrobat'.

    An Illustrated History of Arms and Armour.
    A.Demmin. 1877.

    Arms and Armour in Antiquity and Middle Ages.
    C.Boutell. 1870.

    Armour and Weapons.
    C.Ffoulkes. 1906.

    The Armourer and his Craft.
    C.Ffoulkes. 1921.

    Armouries of the tower of London Vol 1.
    '' '' '' '' Vol 2.
    J.Ffoulkes. 1916.

    Ancient Armour and Weapons in Europe.
    J.Hewitt. 1855.

    Armour in England.
    J.Starkie Gardner. 1897.

    A Brief Discourse on Hand Weapons.
    B.Sargeaunt. 1908.

    A Treatise on Ancient Armour and Weapons.
    F.Grose. 1786

    Foreign Armour in England.
    J.Starkie Gardner. 1898.

    The Japanese Sword and its Decoration
    Field museum of natural History Chicago. 1924.

    British and Foreign Arms and Armour.
    C.H.Ashdown. 1909.

    Handbook of Arms and Armour.
    B.Dean. 1915.

    Helmets and Body Armor in Modern Warfare.
    B.Dean. 1920.

    A Record of European Arms and Armour. Vol. 1.
    '' '' '' Vol. 2.
    '' '' '' Vol. 3.
    '' '' '' Vol. 4.
    '' '' '' Vol 5.

    Primitive American Armor.
    Walter Hough.
    Dept of Ethnology U.S.National Museum.

    Swords of Washington.
    Col.Thornton A. Washington of Washington DC. 1843.

    Spanish Arms and Armour.
    A.F.Calvert 1907.

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    Here is a list of my original catalogs (a few books) but I have another list for my books.I also have three shelves of factory files From Eickhorn, much of it export U.S. U.K. etc...and other company advertising, letterheads,etc...
    1) Eickhorn 1901
    2) Eickhorn 1912
    3) Eickhorn Export 1920s
    4) Eickhorn Export 1913
    5) Eickhorn Gold Catalog 1936
    6) Eickhorn Kundendienst 1938 Original
    7) Eickhorn Kundendienst 1938 Rebound
    8) Eickhorn 1950s
    9) Eickhorn Portugal 1931
    10) Eickhorn Finland
    11) Eickhorn Netherlands
    12) Eickhorn Great Britian
    13) Eickhorn Turkey
    14) Eickhorn Sweden
    15) Eickhorn Luxembourg
    16) Eickhorn Romania
    17) Eickhorn Greece
    18) Eickhorn Switzerland 1931
    19) Eickhorn Norway
    20) Eickhorn Ecuador
    21) Eickhorn Colombia
    22) Eickhorn Costa Rica
    23) Eickhorn Cuba
    24) Eickhorn El Salvador
    25) Eickhorn Siam
    26) Eickhorn Peru
    27) Eickhorn Mexico
    28) Eickhorn Guatemala
    29) Eickhorn Germany 1933
    30) Eickhorn Book Leisten Und Dienen 1940
    31) Eickhorn Catalog 1926
    32) Eickhorn Fencing Catalog 1919 Large
    33) Eickhorn Fencing Catalog 1934 (3)
    34) Eickhorn Hunting Weapons 1932
    35) Eickhorn 1928 Von Guten Klingen Book (2)
    36) Eickhorn Klingen U. Schwert Imlied 1926 Book
    37) Eickhorn Entwurfe Von Artur Eickhorn 1931 Prototype Waffen
    38) Eickhorn Police Pamphlet Folder 1938
    39) Eickhorn Army 1938 Pamphlet
    40) Eickhorn Labor Corps. Pamphlet
    41) Eickhorn Imperial Master Book from Factory
    42) Eickhorn Imperial Price Book from Factory
    43) Eickhorn Factory Ledger Books 20s-30s (2)
    44) Weyersberg Kirschbaum Catalog 1899 original blankwaffen
    45) Weyersberg Kirschbaum Catalog 1899 Leatherbound w/ gold blankwaffen
    46) Weyersberg Kirschbaum Catalog 1901 original blankwaffen
    47) Weyersberg Kirschbaum Catalog 1900 (small size, softbound) super rare original
    48) Alexander Coppel 1900 blankwaffen Catalog original
    49) Gottlieb Hammesfahr Vol. I 1920s
    50) Gottlieb Hammesfahr Catalog 1896 Vol. I w/price book
    51) Gottlieb Hammesfahr Catalog 1896 Vol. II
    52) Gottlieb Hammesfahr Book History 1684-1934
    53) Grebu Grah Catalog 1916
    54) Grebu Christians Catalog 1890s
    55) Grebu Christians Catalog 1924
    56) Grebu Christians Price List 1930
    57) History Solingen Klingen Industrie Original Rudolf Cronu 1890s original (3)
    58) Ed Wusthof Catalog 1922
    59) Ed Wusthof Price List 1927
    60) Ed Wusthof Book History 1832-1932
    61) Ed Wusthof Update 1929
    62) Ed Wusthof Catalog 1935
    63) Paul Weyesberg Co. Student Fencing Catalog 1930
    64) Clemen – Jung 1912 Catalog Reprint
    65) Aesculap 1920s ? Catalog E
    66) Gebruder Grafrath Catalog #26
    67) Louis Perlmann Catalog 1928
    68) Herder Catalog #1
    69) Herder Catalog Louge 1920s
    70) Fr. Vonder Kohlen Catalog 1920
    71) Deutschlands Stadtebau Remscheid Book 1922
    72) History Solingen Industrie Book 1933 Great book!!! (2)
    73) Solingen Schwert Schmiede 16th-17th Centuries Book 1926 (2)
    74) Messer Schere Book 1943
    75) Robert Klass Price List 1931
    76) Robert Klass History Book 1834-1934
    77) Meine Heimat Book (includes Stahlwaren Woche – Solingen Klingen Mags.)
    78) Von Der Hand Schmeide Zur Schlagerel Vol. I
    79) Von Der Hand Schmeide Zur Schlagerel Vol. II 1922 (3)
    80) Die Vereinigung Der Funt Stadte Im Book
    81) Solingen Industrie Bezirk 1927 (3)
    82) Solingen Addressbuch 1936 (2)
    83) 200 years Gebr Weyersberg 1987 – History Book
    84) Das Bergischerland und seine Industrie Book 1953
    85) Engelswerk Catalog #44
    86) Gottfried Weyersberg Sohne 1925 Catalog
    87) Wilhelm Weltersbuch 1932 50 year catalog
    88) W.K.C. Export Netherlands 1935
    89) E. F. Horster Catalog 1926 with goodies from the 30s also
    90) Gebu Becker Catalog 1936 5/36
    91) W.K.C. Fencing Catalog 1920s (3)
    92) Richard ABR Herder History Book 1934
    93) Calendar: F. W. Holler Blankwaffen
    94) Horster Blankwaffen Large Catalog 1939 ? (Art Swords)
    95) Lilly – Ames Co. Sword Catalog 1930s
    96) Messer und Schere July 1927
    97) Robert Herder Catalog 1935
    98) Gebruder Berns Otterwerk Catalog 1920s
    99) Malsch – Ambronn (Steinbach) Catalog 1930s
    100) Gebr. Grah Odysseuswerk Pamphlet 1935
    101) Weyersberg Kirschbaum (haarfchermaschinen) date?
    102) Yearbooks for Fachtschule Solingen1908/1909
    103) Yearbooks for Fachtschule 1909/1910
    104) Yearbooks for Fachtschule 1911/1912
    105) Yearbooks for Fachtschule 1912/1913
    106) Yearbooks for Fachtschule 1913/1914
    107) Yearbooks for Fachtschule 1914/1915
    108) Hugo Linder Deltawerk Catalog110
    109) F.W. Beckmann Buff Polishing Stone Machines Catalog 1907
    110) Adrian Stock Catalog 1900s
    111) Schneid Waren Book 1951
    112) Freiform – Schmeide Book 1923
    113) Reinhard Broch Jr. Catalog 1920s
    114) Hugo Schmitz Co. Pamphlet
    115) Solingen die Alte Klingen Stadt Book 1937
    116) Vereinbarte Book (Schleiflohne) Tisch-Schlacht – Messer
    117) Novelty Knives Canton, Ohio U.S.A. Catalog 1900s
    118) Hubertus Catalog 1960-70s
    119) Hubertus Catalog 2005
    120) Johann Schimmelbusch Catalog 1789 Reprint
    121) Henckel's 200 year Book 1931 (3)
    122) History of Henckel's Book 1924 (2)
    123) Henckel's Catalog 1937 (2)
    124) Henckel's Catalog 1909 (2)
    125) Henckel's Catalog 1893 (2)
    126) Henckel's Catalog R 1920s
    127) Henckel's Catalog 1929 (2)
    128) Henckel's Catalog 1930
    129) Henckel's Catalog 1924
    130) Henckel's Catalog 1955
    131) Herm. Kone Jung 1910
    132) Herm. Kone Jung Catalog A 1932? (4)
    133) Solingen Industriebezirk Book 1922 (4)
    134) Me Fecit Soligen Book
    135) Solingen Heandwerkszeichen Book Vol. I
    136) Solingen Heandwerkszeichen Book Vol. II 1978
    137) Many Issues of Die Klingen 1930s
    138) Eickhorn's Large Work Catalog Exports company work catalog
    139) Eickhorn's Pamphlet for Hunting 1930s super Rare
    140) Lauterjung and Co. Musterbuch 1913
    141) Carl ABT Uhm a.d. Eisenwarenkatalog 1900
    142) Carl Julius Krebs Blanke Waffen 1938 blankwaffen
    143) Paul Seilheimer catalog 1938 blankwaffen (3)
    144) WKC Imperial price list 1900? blankwaffen
    145) Robert Klass Catalog 1930s
    146) Paul Weyesberg fencing Catalog 1920s
    147) Die Fachschule Der Klingen Stadt 25 year 1930s
    148) Rolle 1684 Solingen printed in 1934 super rare
    149) Kaiser Company Imperial Catalog in original period uniform Catalog 1900 blankwaffen
    150) Paul Weyesberg Catalog 1937? blankwaffen
    151) Deutsches Bildmarken Archiv 1941 All trade marks German and Austrian Rare
    152) Address book for steel and Iron 1943 3 vols. Rare
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    that is an impressive list, Jim!

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    Can't compete with James but I have the following catalogues, etc
    Wilkinson 1862
    Wilkinson 1896
    Wilkinson 1900
    Wilkinson 1908
    Wilkinson Abyssinia 1908
    Wilkinson Abyssinia 1912
    Wilkinson 1912
    Wilkinson 1923
    Wilkinson US 1924
    Wilkinson Catalogue for Russel Uniform Company 1930
    and a large number of '4 to 8 page catalogues/Leaflets" on Swords, Body Armour, Swordsticks etc from 1920's
    Wilkinson Catalogues
    1950 and all the later caatalogues until 2005.

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    I have a great passion for period books,catalogs and Damascus swords and daggers and have spent a kings ransom on them! Working on a current list of books .. P.S. Robert Wilkinson-Latham I do in my Eickhorn correspondence have a file Just on Eickhorn's exports to England covering the years 1920s to 1930s.. Neat stuff... I have the equipment to digitize all of my files and slowly working on this... I really enjoyed your DVD I bought from you. Regards: James
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    hi everyone!

    if someone have maps of spread swords,axes,arrow heads,spear heads 800-400 BC with classification what type weapon belongs to, in Europe,especially North-Western Europe please would You help me,i need ones.Or give advise where can i get these maps in the net.If there's impossible to get these maps,could anyone share just your knowledge about this weapon on the site.If the topic discussed here please give the link.

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    I've not added much to my library in recent times but am very pleased with my latest, a liitle off topic but a cracking book. The heritage of English knives by David Hayden-Wright.

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    A book I have not seen in these lists is “The Civil War Uniforms of the United States Marine Corps: The Regulations of 1859” by Charles Cureton and David Sullivan, published by M.R. James Bender Publishing in 2009. Although not strictly speaking a sword book, it is about the best reference I have found on CW-era marine swords as well as their pre-war predecessors and some post-war successors. The 296-page book is a very comprehensive review of USMC CW-era uniforms and accouterments, of which 25 are devoted to swords. It is lavishly illustrated with photos of the uniform items under discussion and period photos and prints. The authors are certainly well qualified. Dr Cureton is currently Chief of Museums and Historical Property for the U. S. Army, and, as a marine officer, was previously assigned to the Marine Corps Historical Center. He has published other works on USMC swords, most notably his 2006 article "Early Marine Corps Swords" in The Bulletin of the American Society of Arms Collectors. David Sullivan is the administrator of the Society of Military Historians. He is not so well known for work specifically on swords, but has published extensively on USMC historical topics. If someone is interested in collecting marine items of this era, I would think this book would be a "must".
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    I am new at this, although i find it very intresting. If anyone can recommend what my first book should be would be appreciated. My interest is in German and American Civil war swords and bayonets although I'm interested in learning as much as possible.

    Thanks Paul

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    New book by was just finished.. (German knife and sword makers) was started by the late Anthony Carter and is now finally complete letters A. - Z. It is a must have for the blade collector 600+ page book.. Finally printed by ima and is always for sale on e-bay.
    Regards: James

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    Another book which must be added to the "must-have" list for collectors of US swords is Dusan Farrington's ''Swords & Sabers of the United States Army 1867-1918: The New Regulation Models". It is as much a "bible" for post CW swords as John Thillmann's works are for CW Swords.

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    I referred to this book today to answer a post in another thread and it occurred to me others might find it useful, as battle honours can be a good dating tool for British swords.

    The Battle Honours of the British and Indian Armies 1695-1914 by N. B. Leslie (Leo Cooper, London, 1970)

    The book lists the Regiments of the British and Indian Armies, battle honours by region and chronology, and date of award. It also has an appendix showing the honours forfeited by those Indian regiments that mutinied in 1857/8. It's out of print but I note that hardcover copies are available very cheaply via Abebooks.

    PS: The book's dedication is "This book is for my wife" she was overjoyed
    "If I can't be a good example to others, at least let me be a horrible warning".

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    Hi All,

    Which Oakeshott book should I start with, assuming no prior experience with his body of work? I'd like to learn about the typology and his other important work, but I understand that he wrote many books, and it is possible his theories were refined or may have evolved (?) over the course of his career. Any advice on where to start and which books to read for which purpose would be much appreciated. Thanks!


    (Hope this post is in the right place, if not, my apologies)

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    Hi Jon,
    I would suggest starting with Oakeshott's Archaeology of Weapons (incidentally my favourite) which outlines the development of weapons from the deep mists of ancient history. He mentions various arms and armour in the context of history and how different cultures influenced others or gained supremacy. The sequel to this book is European Weapons (also very good!) which takes you to the Industrial Age. The other Oakeshott books I read are mostly about various shapes of swords and how to classify them which are rather technical in nature.

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    where do I find the 1000 Marks of European Blade Makers? i have looked everywhere on old book sites, etc. Steve

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