Please read and understand the following guidelines! Your cooperation and adherence will be greatly appreciated!

Sword Identification & Values
The knowledge base on this forum is as helpful as it is diverse and highly experienced. If you have a sword you would like to identify, please feel free to post pics and we'll be glad to assist. However, assessing 'value' is a different story. While knowing what your sword is worth is an important part of owning it, many limiting factors exist that will influence the actual value. For this reason, we do not offer appraisal services.

Discussing On line Auctions
Discussion threads containing links to active on line auctions, opinions regarding the authenticity of goods featured therein and specific commentary regarding the sellers of some of this material have occasionally presented themselves on this forum. In order to minimize SFI's culpability in these matters and on advice of our Attorney General, discussions of active on line auctions will be treated as a 'no-fly zone' and will not be be permitted.

Posting Links
Links that navigate users out of Sword Forum are usually permitted as long as the site linked to is informational in nature, germane to the subject matter and has established a cooperative or reciprocal relationship with SFI. Links to retail or commercial establishments are not permitted (unless the site in question has established a reciprocal relationship with SFI).

Please do not abuse the knowledge base!
Occasionally, users will post subject matter with the sole intention of intelligence-gathering prior to the sale or auctioning of a sword. While this sales enhancement strategy is positive for the user, it is unfair to those who freely give of their time in answering questions and providing information and the site as a whole in no way benefits financially from acting as the source for the data in the first place. If any users are found to be utilizing the forums in this way, they will be summarily banned.